Providing Legal Research & Brief Writing Services in Atlanta

Lawyers are faced with challenges every day, and finding enough time to dedicate to each of your tasks every day is hard. As Ben Franklin once said:

By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.

I can help by providing the necessary preparation and execution on any of your legal projects. By outsourcing your projects to me, you can regain control of your schedule while ensuring that your clients receive the highest quality work.

Outsource Your Projects to a Licensed Attorney Without the Cost of Hiring a Full-Time Associate

Many solo and small firm lawyers in The metropolitan Atlanta area often wish they had an associate at certain times, but simply can’t financially justify hiring an associate fulltime. I can be your on-call associate—you only have to pay for the hours that you use. What you don’t have to pay for is the cost of hiring, training, and paying benefits to an associate. This is especially helpful in leveling the playing field when you are up against a bigger firm with an army of associates.

How Can I Make Your Life Easier?

When you outsource work to me, you are in good hands. I am a former federal law clerk for a judge here in Georgia, and I am a passionate, effective researcher and writer. Attorneys often engage me to assist with the following needs:

Motions & Brief Writing

  • Memoranda in support of or in opposition to motions to dismiss or for summary judgment
  • Pre-trial and discovery motions and related memoranda
  • Trial and arbitration briefs
  • Post-trial motions and related memoranda
  • Appellate briefs and responses

Complex Research & Internal Memoranda

  • I can research and provide objective analysis of any legal issue in your case.
  • I can analyze potential claims and defense that may be applicable in your case.
  • If you would rather do your own legal research, I can provide a starting place by doing limited and introductory research to identify issues or arguments that you can then research yourself.

Legal Editing

  • Self-editing is difficult even for the best writers. I can provide a second set of eyes for your work product and ensure that you are putting your best argument before the court.

I encourage you to read the FAQs for information about outsourcing this type of work.

Reach Out to Learn How I Can Best Be of Service

Legal research and writing are true passions of mine, and it is a pleasure to assist other attorneys by using the skills I have acquired to help them build strong cases for their clients. Give my Atlanta law firm a call at 770-322-4135 to find out how we might be able to work together. You can also send me an email and I will respond promptly.


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