Assisting Fellow Lawyers With all Aspects of Appeals

Appellate work is a bit of an art form in itself, with its own set of unique demands. It combines elements of trial practice with elements of policy development that often have implications beyond the individual case. And as in the art world, there are as many different styles as there are artists (or practitioners).

If you are a busy attorney with an important appeal pending, sometimes you can never have enough help. That’s where I come in.

Federal Court Experience – Thorough Research – Clear Writing

As a former federal law clerk and a seasoned Georgia attorney, I have a strong sense for how judges think and what they look for on appeal. Equally important, I understand the sometimes-arcane rules of appellate procedure – down to the fonts and types of paper that are required for briefs in federal appellate courts.

I offer assistance to fellow lawyers, whether you are working on your first-ever appeal or if you’ve done this many times and just need help with one specific aspect of your case. Because I have deep experience as a federal law clerk and because of my proven research and legal writing, I can help you with:

  • Researching the issue(s) you wish to appeal
  • Properly framing issues for appellate review
  • Writing the appellate brief in whole or in part
  • Writing responses and replies to the opposition’s briefs
  • Writing and filing post-argument motions
  • Explaining and keeping you up-to-date on procedure requirements
  • Helping you prepare for oral argument, or handling oral arguments myself

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Set Your Appeal Up for Its Best Chance at Success

Legal research and writing are true passions of mine, and it is a pleasure to assist other attorneys by using the skills I have acquired to help them build strong cases for their clients.

Give my Atlanta law firm a call at 770-322-4135 to find out how we might be able to work together to create an effective, persuasive appeal. You can also contact me online and I will respond promptly.


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