Protecting Employees, Standing Up for Civil Rights

Meredith Watts is one of the most gifted lawyers I have ever known. Her writing and analytical skills are second to none. Meredith has a gift for taking a complicated legal scenario and boiling it down to its essence, in order to best represent a client’s interests. In my view this is one of the most important skills and attorney can possess.

She is a trusted colleague. It had been my privilege to work with her for a number of years and I hope our association continues for many years to come. She makes me a better lawyer.

– Bobby Slotkin, Slotkin Law Firm, LLP

Having your rights violated by an authority figure – an employer, a co-worker, a police officer – is a traumatic experience. If you have been mistreated, please understand that you are not alone. The Watts Firm in Atlanta helps people like you every day.

An Attorney Who Will Be By Your Side

I am attorney Meredith Watts, and I am committed to helping everyday people fight to protect themselves. You do not have to be intimidated by the thought of challenging your employer or calling out police misconduct. I will be by your side throughout the process as we navigate your case together.

Employment Litigation

I represent employees across all industries who have suffered harm in the workplace. I understand the sensitive and complex nature of these cases, and I am dedicated to making sure employees can assert their rights, even against the largest of companies.

As a former judicial clerk, experienced litigator, and skilled brief writer, I know what it takes to frame an argument, put forth a persuasive case in front of a judge, and what the other side must do to prove its case. When you want a lawyer who can combine that experience with the ability to develop in-depth case strategies, look no further than my law firm.

Whether you’re in Fulton County or elsewhere in the metropolitan Atlanta area, I can help you fight back against employment discrimination and sexual harassment, protect your rights in wage and hour disputes, shield your from retaliation, and much more.

Civil Rights Cases

Ordinary people continue to find their civil and constitutional rights under attack by law enforcement, as we have seen in Atlanta and around the nation. This problem deeply affects the African American community, and people from a wide range of other backgrounds as well.

I represent individuals who have been victimized by police brutality and excessive force, have had their property unlawfully searched, received inadequate medical care in jail, were falsely arrested, and much more.

Get the Help You Deserve

If you have suffered an employee rights or civil rights violation in Georgia, I am ready to meet with you. You may be entitled to monetary compensation and other remedies. Call me at 770-322-4135 today or send me an email to schedule your confidential consultation.


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